Are there any special risks with the HPV vaccination?

Minor ones. Some people experience pain at the site, may faint, but no serious adverse effects direclty attributable to the vaccine are known.
No Risks/SafeVaccine. There is no special risk and the Vaccine is safe inspite of lot of ignorance by many It can cause pain at the site and rarely reported syncopal episode and you are adviced to wait in doctor's office for few minutes to be observed for it According toCDC HPV VACCINE IS A AFE VACCINE.

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What are the risks with the HPV vaccination?

Death. Is a big one. While studies indicate it is "safe" I am not a fan of this vaccine. It can cause nausea, vomiting, flu like symptoms, and death. Research in india was stopped in 2010 when 4 girls died and 120 hard bad reactions. Do your own research before consenting to this vaccine. Yearly pap smears, a healthy diet, and safe sex practices can prevent the problem.
Pain, soreness, syncop. HPV Vaccine is a safe vaccine inspite of the controversy surrounding due to ignorance of certain politicians Like any vaccine it can cause pain at the site, local reaction and soreness and reported rarely Syncope after receiving the shot and that is very very rare.

If one partner has hpv vaccination and the other hasn't gotten the vaccination yet, what are the risks?

No vaccine is 100% effective;also, depending on which HPV vaccine was given, only certain strains are covered. So, although the partner who has had the vaccine is mostly covered, it is possible that the unvaccinated partner could contract the virus and spread it to the vaccinated partner. To increase the protection, all 11-26 year olds should have the HPV vaccine & use condoms for maximum available protection.

Is the HPV vaccination important?

YES!!!! Only if you want to try to prevent 70% of the cases of cervical cancer in the usa and a number of cases of anal cancer.
Yes Prevents Cancer. It is an important vaccine as it prevents Cancer of the cervix, Anus and Mouth It can be given to females between 9 and26 year age and males between 9 and 21 years of age.

Is HPV vaccination done for kids too?

HPV. The recommendation is 12 yrs of age after weighing the risks and benefits.
Maybe in future. The initial research and data gathered for licensing in the us targeted preteens and young women. Currently data support effectiveness for those 9-26, but data for younger patients was not submitted. It may gain support for earlier use in the future, but approval for earlier use may take years if sought by producers.
Starts At Age 9YEARS. This is series of three doses and 1st dose can be given as early as 9 years age.

Male 33, Can I go for HPV vaccination (Gradasil 9).

Yes and no. I find that anyone with a competent immune system can benefit from this vaccine if they expect to be sexually active. No need if celibate. However, the vaccines approval from the FDA came for age 9-27.If asked I would give it "off-label" but the designation means most insurers would not cover the cost. This is over $200 /dose/x3 to the doc before you factor in nursing, supplies, record keeping.

How many times do I need to get the HPV vaccination?

3 shot series. The Gardasil quadrivalent vaccine is given as a 3 shot series over a 6m period.

Could I potentially have my HPV vaccination at a hospital?

Maybe, maybe not. The hpv vaccine is expensive and not part of many hospital protocols like flu containment or pneumonia vaccines for older patients or tetanus shots in the er. It is not available through the hospitals in my location.

How can I know if my daughter should get the HPV vaccination?

If she is At risk. If she is sexually active at a young age and has or has had multiple partners then perhaps you should consider it. I am opposed to this vaccine in young girls with good values who are not sexually active and not at risk. She can wait til she is 18 and decide for herself. Research it. There have been over 40 deaths from this vaccine. Discuss with your physician as well.
Food for thought. For decades, women have done pap smears to try to find cervical cancer early while it was still curable. This was long before the link to HPV. Studies document as many as 70% of college age women have been exposed. The current Gardasil 9 helps the body develop protective antibodies to 7 strains responsible for >90% of these cancers. To me the answer is obvious.
Age. If your daughter is between the ages of 11-26, she should get vaccinated. Consult this site for info: https://www. Cdc. Gov/hpv/parents/vaccine. Html.

Should children have an HPV vaccination before they enroll in school?

Yes. Yes, if they are of age - meaning anywhere from 9-26 years old, I would highly recommend getting this vaccine. Its highly efficacious but only works if you get the vaccine prior to getting infected. Get the shot well before you "need" it for the best protection!
Age dependent. Children should have the hpv vaccine before they are at risk for needing it, any time after 9 years of age. Unfortunately, many parents do not know when their children are considering sex. Even more unfortunately, many children are sexually abused, which puts them at risk. Protecting your children against this virus that causes cancer is important!
No it is given 9year. No it is supposed to e given from 9 years to 26 in women and 9 years to 15 in boys.
Which grade U mean. Although this would likely work well if given to 5 & 6 it was never designed to be given at school entry. The data gathered to get the vaccine through the FDA approval process took years & included patients 9-26 which became the approved ages. Adding the earlier years to the FDA data would have added extra cost & delays to approval. Starting it before any sexual contact make sense.