Painful muscle spasms in the calf sometimes. Any prevention?

Muscle Cramps. Usually due to dehydration or loss of electrolytes when rehydrating with just water. Make sure that you replenish electrolytes including magnesium (magox 400mg). This is especially true if you take anti hypertension medications that have diuretic properties, or if you drink caffeinated drinks.
Yes, possible help. Exercise induced spasms can be reduced by through pre-exercise stretching and warm-ups. Night spasms can be reduced by heavy hydration before bed. Try 16 oz of water or electrolyte. I found this by accident for myself. Muscles fire due to electrical ions crossing membranes. Mild dehydration can cause electrolyte imbalance.

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I am on my second pack of Orsythia birth control and have been having really painful muscle spasms in my calf at night. Is this related or concerning?

Could be. Even in young women, BCP raise the risk of clotting in the lower extremities. This is increased if women smoke and use BCP. If truly muscle cramps, these usually occur from inadequate hydration and salt in the diet. If the leg becomes swollen, hot and red you should be seen immediately to rule out a blood clot. Read more...

How can I relieve painful muscle spasms in leg?

Massage. Massage and stretch the leg, make sure you are well hydrated. Sometimes magnesium supplements are helpful. Potassium deficiencies are also an issue but i would not self supplement potassium oher than a bananna without a doctors recommendation. Read more...

What could cause extremely painful muscle spasms in my leg?

Lack of practice. If you overuse a muscle it spasms when not warmed up--of course the most common electrolyte abnormality mg, k--then it could be caused by nerve if you have neuropathy-- if persist same place ask your doc. Read more...