I had a still birth about 2 years and still think about her everyday. Do you think god is telling me something?

Loving... She was part of your life. You anticipated spending a life time with her. You loved her. It is not unusual that you think about her every day. I don't believe that it means that you have a mental health disorder. I believe it means that you connected with your un-born daughter and that you have the capacity to love. It is alright to miss her - you will not ever forget her. It is ok. Be well.
You have depression. My impression is that this traumatic event has left you permanently vulnerable to reactive depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and/or other psychopathology. God is clearly telling you to seek help, so heed his advice promptly. While fetal death is uncommon (6.2/1, 000 pregancies) it is not rare and several sexually active women have unfortunately experienced it - join a support group!