Sometimes my toes hurt. Would this maybe be an effect of my old spinal injury?

Maybe. If the problem was present at the time of your spinal injury it may be a continuance of the problem... If the injury was long ago and the toe pain is recent it is probably not related.
Not necessarily . If you have nerve problems from your back you should have pain traveling down your leg to your toes. If it is just your toes it may be something else.

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And sometimes my toes hurt. Would this maybe be the effect of my spinal injury?

Very Likely. If your spinal injury was between the leveis of l3-s-2, particularly l-4, l-5, and s-1, then your toes may very well be percieved as painful. In fact it is due to damage along the "telephone lines" between your toes and your brain. The wires which carry messages from your toes to your brain may be "scratched" at the level of your spinal chord. This could feel like pain in your toes. Read more...
Could be. Nerves to the feet and toes start out in the spine. Read more...