If you know about ADHD without hyperactivity, please tell me the best treatments to try.?

As recommended . Whether there is hyperactivity or not, the treatment is the same. Hyperactivity doesn't drive treatment choices. Stimulants are still the first choice followed by Alpha 2 adrenergic agonists like intuniv.
Same as ADHD. Generally, the same treatments that work for adhd with hyperactivity are effective for adhd without hyperactivity. Good sleep, good nutrition, and learning compensatory organizational skills. As far as prescription treatment, the stimulant family of medications (e.g. Adderall, concerta, ritalin, (methylphenidate) vyvanse) are still the most common first-line treatment, just like in combined adhd with hyperactivity.
Inattentive adhd. Treatment varies depending on severity. For moderate to severe, there are a number of medicatin options available, both stimulant and non-stimulate. In our experience, the non-stimulants work best as augmenting a stimulant, but there are exceptions. For mild, omega3 fatty acids, such as fish oil has shown to be helpful. Meeting with therapist who coul educate on strategies helpful. Diet, exercise.