How can I bank my baby's cord blood?

Talk to nursery. Banking cord blood should be arranged before or at your admission to your birthing center. Asking for information from your ob, pediatrician, or birthing center.
Cord blood . You need to find out from either your OB or pediatrician about the companies that you can bank with.
Your OB. Talk to your OB prior to your child's birth to make plans to bank your baby's cord blood - they are usually the medical providers who have direct access to these specimens in the peri-partum period (around the time of birth).
Talk to L&D at hosp. Prospective parents who are wanting to bank their baby's cord blood have to do some planning. They have to select a cord blood bank ahead of time, so that company can send materials to the parents. Then the parents have to bring the materials to the hospital, and be sure that the obstetrician plus the labor & delivery staff all know that cord blood is to be collected.
Yes. There are several companies that will bank your baby's cord blood. The reasons are largely theoretical: there are stem cells in cord blood that - theoretically - can potentially be used treat diseases that your baby (or even you or other family members) may develop some day. There is an annual fee to store (frozen) the cord blood.