Around how much is eyelid surgery going to cost?

$2000-$4000. Approx. $2000-$4000 depending on the extent of the problem. Such as, does the problem involve the upper lids or the lower lids or both. Also, some lower lids require additional tightening procedures. A facial plastic surgeon, a plastic surgeon, or an oculoplastic surgeon can give the answer at consultation.
Varies. This depends upon what is being done. Reconstruction after trauma or birth defect? Lid turning in or out (entropion, ectropion), drooping lid (ptosis) , tumor removal, cosmetic blepharoploasty? These all have different prices. Ask your treating ophthalmologist or plastic surgeon about the cost.
Variable Cost. Eyelid surgery costs range largely dependent on the complexity of the surgery and general prices for your geographic market. Plastic surgery may involve surgeon fees, anesthesia fees, and operative facility fees. Typical prices for cosmetic eyelid surgery may range from several thousand dollars.