What is septicemia?

Systemic effects. A systemic illness (body wide) caused by an infection. Criteria include rapid heart rate, low or high white blood count, fever or low temperatur, low blood pressure, suspected or known infection, with bacteria in the blood.

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What's unspecified septicemia?

Technical term. Used in the billing process to tell the insurance company what the provider treated you for. Indicates a serious infection, no further details as to the cause and location specified.
Coding. It's just a way to code a diagnosis for a doctor visit when the actual source of infection is not specified or known.
General term. Unspecified = they don't know the germ Septicemia = a germ is in the blood causing symptoms This wording would likely show up in insurance documents to justify treatment or on a death certificate. (sepsis is deadly)

What causes septicemia? How is it cured?

Bacterial infection. Septicemia is an infection in the blood stream that can be very serious or life threatening. For more information, including how it's treated, I recommend this page: http://www. Medlineplus. Gov/sepsis. Html.

What is septicemia and what antibiotics should be used?

Septicemia. Septicemia is a state of microbial invasion from a portal of entry into the blood stream which causes sign of illness. Serious bacterial infections are usually associated with important changes in the function of every organ system in the body mediated mostly by elements of the host immune system against infection. Choice of antibiotics depends on the type of microorganism involved.

What is septicemia and what antibiotics should be used to treat it, and what dosages?

Infection. "septicemia" is the reaction of the body to an infection. The infection can be anywhere: the lungs, the urine, the tissues. There is no "one" antibiotic to treat septicemia. You just treat the suspected infection, and the reaction of the sepsis should improve. If you think you have septicemia, it is important to get seen by a doctor right away. It can be very serious, even deadly if not treated.
Septicemia. This means bacteria multiplying in the blood stream. The body's reaction to infection is "sepsis", with fever or low temp, elevated or low WBC count, increased pulse (>90/min) and respirations (20 or more/min). Any two of these criteria are systemic inflammatory response syndrome (sirs) and if due to infection, sepsis.

What is septicemia and what antibiotics should be used to take care of it, and what dosages?

Infection in the blo. Blood stream infection is called septisemia. It can result from contaminated catheters or serious infections in any body organ in a immune compromised pateint.

What is unspecified septicemia from?

Unspecified. Icd-9. The icd-9 codes for infections can be confusing to physicians and the lay public. What you are probably looking at is a billing code to help insurers categorize the illness. What it means is that the code either did not have the specific type of infection listed or the cause of that infection was not known. I can not tell you which it was with more information.

Pls what's meant by septicemia and flank pain?

Infection. Septicemia is an old term that usually means bacteria in the blood. The updated term is sepsis, which is an overwhelming maladaptive of the body's immune system to an infection. It may cause end organ damage leading to cardiovascular collapse and death. Flank pain denotes pain around the two sides of your lower back. Kidney infection usually cause pain in that area.