Waht can be done for pain caused by invisaline braces?

Ask. Ask your Orthodontic Specialist. Orthodontists have many solutions including NSAIDs, saline rinses, high protein diet, immaculate oral hygiene, etc. call Orthodontist.
OTC pain meds. If the pain is due to your teeth being moved then short term otc pain meds such as Motrin can help. But unfortunately with braces pain is something you just have to put up with. If it is because the trays are pinching on your gums, have your dentist/ortho adjust them.
Ibuprofen, aspirin. Pain from tooth movement is the same, independent of delivery system. The research gives a slight nod to ibuprofen, but Aspirin or acetomenophen work well too.
Call your. orthodontist and see what they recommend. You could try an OTC NSAID like advil (ibuprofen) or alieve if not contraindicated.
Tooth or jaw pain? If the pain is discomfort associated with tooth movement, then tylenol (acetaminophen) or advil will alleviate the discomfort. Although many dental profesionals claim advil to be more effective than tylenol (acetaminophen), research suggests that ibuprofen(advil) interferes with tooth movement (slows) while tylenol (acetaminophen) does not demonstrate such an effect. If the pain is jaw related, inform your doctor.
Pain? There should not be much pain involved. I would see your orthodontist and discuss. You may need tray revisions.
Invisalign pain. Take advil (ibuprofen) as directed on the bottle but keep wearing your trays or you won't get a good result.