Does anyone else suffering with TMJ and associated ear symptoms also get vertigo?

May be unrelated. See a specialist, preferably an doctor who will hopefully get you first to an ent. Then they can help or refer if necessary.
TMJTRY. Yes, this is possible. But you should first be checked by your medical doctor to rule out other possible problems. They may do a complete physical with blood work and x-rays. They will get a complete medical history to diagnose you properly. Sometimes crystals can form in the ear and give similar symptoms.
Yes. Your balance is directly related to the functions in your inner ear. Tmj disorders can be debilitating and compounding it with ear probs could easily leave you dizzy.
Imbalance. Imbalance, not true vertigo (spinning). if TMJ treated successfully, imbalance should improve. If true vertigo, see ENT or neurology doc.