Can TMJ be associated with vertigo?

Sometimes. The temporomandibular joint is located very close to the inner ear canal and when this joint becomes inflamed and painful sometimes this inflammation can radiate out and i suppose it's possible that it could affect the inner ear where balance is regulated.
Imbalance. Imbalance but not true vertigo (room spinning). If you have spinning, see a neurologist or ENT doc.
ENT. I would see an ENT doctor. Normally dizziness is not typically a symptom of tmj/tmd. Could be an inner ear issue or some other ailment. I am not ruling out tmd, but would exhaust other avenues first.
Absolutely. Compression in the region of the jaw joint on adjacent structures can cause vertigo. It is all part of the cranial nerve system. Of course, it is not the only possibility, so other causes must be ruled out by the md.