What is normally done for a broken medial malleolus?

Medial malleolus. Depending on how displaced the fracture is, it is either treated in a cast or with surgery to fix the bone.
Surgery, PRICE. A fracture can take 4-6 weeks to heal. Depending on the severity a surgery may be required to put the bone back together and prevent joint damage. In the meantime, price. Protect via immobilization of the joint above and below. Rest, especially at night. Ice at night 20 minutes but no direct contact. Compress via immobilization to minimize swelling. Elevate during the day to minimize swelling.
Surgery. This usually requires operative intervention unless the fragment is small or non displaced.
Cast -Surgeryankle. It depends on how severe the fractue is and if it is displaced. It could be treated in a cast if it is a minor fracure or it could require surgery with open reduction and the use of plates and screws to fixate the fracture if it is a more complex fractuer.