How successful is a vein bypass for lower leg arterial disease?

Depends on details. Vein bypasses with greater saphenous vein of high quality have generally good success. But this depends on details. You must combine a high quality operation with good wound care, especially in patients with diabetic wounds. Without good wound care and optimal medical management, some patients can still lose their leg even with an "open" bypass.

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How do you treat lower leg arterial disease?

Peripheral artery Dz. read this for information:

How do you evaluate lower leg arterial disease?

Check pulses. Easiest way is to check pulses- if you cannot feel pulses on top of foot or behind the bony part of the ankle (on the inside of the ankle)- then suggest an appointment. Also make sure the foot is warm. Finally push on the skin of the toe- should turn white and then back to pink when you release the skin in less than 2 seconds. Should see your doc if pain with walking more than a few yards. Read more...