What is a young age for multiple myeloma? Under 50 years?

MM and age. Mm is a disease of older adults. The median age at diagnosis is 66 years; only 10% and 2% of patients are younger than 50 and 40 years, respectively.
Yes. The average age at diagnosis is 65 to 70 years for myeloma. Diagnosis below that is possible and if you have it you have it.

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My father died about 5 years ago from multiple myeloma. I was the bone marrow donor for his transplant. I am an only child and am wondering about my risk factor for myeloma, especially since my marrow was considered a good match.

About 2X risk. Sorry to hear about your dad. Being a donor doesn't change your risk. Multiple myeloma is not classically thought of as a familial/inherited cancer. However, the risk of a hematologic malignancy (mm, lymphoma, leukemia) in family members is thought to be about two times higher.
NCI Study... An nci study is looking at characterizing families that may be at higher risk to identify causes: screening individuals and families at high risk for hematologic cancers nct00052234 http://clinicaltrials. Gov/ct2/show/nct00052234? Term=nct00052234&rank=1.

Diagnosed with multiple myeloma in the year 2013 after VCD is on scr since Dec 2013. Taking Thalidomide 50 for the last three yrs. Whether to continue?

Ask your doctor advi. Your treating doctor would have an opinion about this question. If you have any side effects from Thalidomide, you can take a break (Drug Holiday) for a few months. Another (sister) drug is more commonly used for maintenance therapy these days, instead of Thalidomide). it is called Revlimid or Lenalidomide. It is less toxic and more active. Discuss with your oncologist.

My father died from multiple myeloma at age 57 and my mother died from breast cancer at age 54, am I at risk too?

Cancer. First of all, there is no clear inheritance pattern in multiple myeloma. Second of all, majority of breast cancer is sporadic in nature and only 15 % or so cases are familial. Are there other family members either in your father and/or mother sides who also were diagnosed of having cancers? If there are- consider to see a genetician to calculate your risk and to update your screening test.
Yes. You are at risk for breast cancer, but less likely myeloma, cannot say no risk.

Multiple myeloma at age 22? Possibility of IgG kappa monoclonal band is observed in my blood work. I have the symptoms of mm. Is this possible at 22?

Unusal. Patients under 30 yrs contribute only 0.3% of all myeloma patients. Presenting clinical and laboratory features are similar to those observed in older patients, except a higher proportion of young patients have only light-chain myeloma. The 10-year survival rate was remarkably high in young patients after conventional (19%) and high-dose therapy (43%). Youngest patient in recent series was 20y.
Possible but unusual. Please talk to your doctor about a bone marrow biopsy for further evaluation.

What's the reason for fever with low hemoglobin for 79 yrs old male with multiple myeloma if disease is under control after a year of velcade&melfalan?

Chemotherapy can do. If he is still taking his chemotherapy drugs they are prone to cause low hemoglobin and low counts and infections causing fever. If he is not taking chemotherapy for more than 2 months then his hemoglobin should be near normal unless his myeloma is coming back (relapsing), . Is he on maintenance with lenalidomide?
Myeloma, treatment. 1) fever - may be from infection with risk from myeloma itself and therapy. Bortezomib (velcade) can increase risk of herpes zoster (shingles). 2) anemia (low hemoglobin) can be from mulitple myeloma and/or the therapies uesd to control it. Check in with your physician. If confusing a repeat bone marrow biopys and other tests may be needed.