How do you not get food poisoning by eating sushi if it is raw fish?

No sewage! When you get food poisoning from raw seafood, it's usually from shellfish, such as oysters, that filter water that may be contaminated with sewage. That's not the case with fish used in sush, which swim around in the sea. However, you can sometimes get parasites, such as tapeworms, from sushi. As far as i'm concerned, it's worth the risk.

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Why don't people? Get food poisoning by eating sushi if its raw fish?

Sushi contamination. People can get food poisoning from any fish that isn't fresh, just like they can get it from any food left out too long. Raw fish can also carry parasites, like raw meat can. That's why we learned to cook foods, one has to presume. Just googling sushi safety brings up salmonella and botulism reports. Read more...