How can I tell if I have colon cancer?

Colonoscopy. Excellent screening, and or diagnostic test. No other cancer has superior screening test than colon cancer. Go and get one. Talk to doctor about proper time to do it.

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Is it possible for me to tell if I have colon cancer!?

No. At your young age, colon cancer is unlikely. There are little or no symptoms from colon cancer. Late colon cancer can cause bowel changes, bowel obstruction, slow blood loss anemia, etc. See your doctor for an examination to discuss your concerns.
If you have. Bleeding, or a family history, colonoscopy might be indicated. If you are just worried, a stool test can detect secret blood (guaiac), and that would be an indicator to get colonoscopy if positive. These stool tests are cheap and helpful, but endoscopy is expensive and not a casual test.

Can you tell me the stages of colon cancer?

Early to advanced. Stages correlate with extent of spread. Stage 0 or in-situ cancers are confined to the ining of the colon. Stage 1 cancers have spread to the inner wall of the colon; stage 2 cancers have penetrated deeper or through the colon wall. Stage 3 cancers are those which have spread to the lymph nodes while in stage 4 cancer there is spread to other organs such as the liver, lungs, bones, etc.
Colon cancer staging. Please open this website- a very useful resource with a very nice illustration. Http://www. Cancer. Gov/cancertopics/pdq/treatment/colon/patient/page2.

Could you tell me what's the common age for colon cancer?

>50 years unless. You have predisposing risks such as ulcerative colitis or familial polyposis. That is why screening colonscopy is recommended at that age.

How can I tell if the symptoms I'm experiencing is colon cancer?

Get a check up. As you get to 50 years of age, screening for colon cancer is recommended. This can be done with colonoscopic examination of the large bowel. The symptoms of colon cancer are typically in the form of rectal bleeding or abdominal pain. If you are concerned about colon cancer, you should see your doctor and request proper testing to check you for colon cancer (done by a gastroenterologist).

Can you tell me how to tell if I have the signs of colon cancer?

Colon ca. In many cases, small cancer in the colon is found from the screening colonsocopy. When the cancer is small-usually no significant symptoms there. When the mass is bigger-symptoms like changing in bowel movement-constipation/diarrhea, thinning of the stool caliber, blood in the stool, abdominal pain, weight loss can happen. Iron deficiency anemia is noted quite frequently on initial presentation.

Could you tell me if my uncle has had colon cancer, will I have it?

Colon Cancer. There are types that have family predispositions but this is the minority other forms are sporadic you should meet with a genetic counselor to discuss testing options the age of your family members diagnosis is also important and if other family members had other gi/ gyn cancers as well.
Not necessarily. Colon cancer does run in families, but outside of a small proportion of genetic mutations, the risk of any other member of the family getting colon cancer is unknown. If multiple people in your family and extended family have had colon cancer, the american cancer society does change its recommendations on when you should have your first colonoscopy. In some cases, genetic testing is warranted.