What are the signs of a fibroid tumor?

Signs and symptoms. Clinical manifestation can include- heavy menses, dysmenorrhea, pressure/discomfort on pelvic are- which depends on the bulk of the fibroids, difficulty to get pregnant and miscarriages. Due to heavy menses, people can have iron deficiency anemia that can be presented with weakness, fatigue/dizziness etc.
Heavy periods are 1. Fibroids cause no symptoms at all in about half of those who have them. The most common fibroid symptom is heavier than normal menstrual flow. The fibroids can also enlarge the uterus and cause pressure symptoms, usually urinary frequency.

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I ve been in the ER with severe cramping &Sharpe pain, OBGYN did say I had on left ovary fibroid tumor which are not cancerous, is fever a sign they?

Fever not fibroid. Fibroid tumors should not cause you to have a fever. I'm not sure whether the diagnosis of fibroids is new or old, or the details of your symptoms. If this is the pain you had in the past and your doctor diagnosed you with fibroids, you should follow up with that doctor. If this is a different pain, you should be seen in the urgent care, ER, or with your doctor.
Fibroid tumors. Occur in the uterus, not the ovaries, and yes they aren't cancerous, yet can have complications as infection, which can cause fever, but usually rare. Most fibroids are asymptomatic, you mentioned the left ovary, there are other possibilities along that area where the ovary lies, the ovary itself can cause problems of its own. Follow the doctors advice and follow up with your gynecologist, goodluck.

Severe pain for a fibroid tumor and cysts on uterus. Apt monday with obgyn. The suffering is depressing. What warning signs to look for to go back to er?

Make sure. You are evacuating your bowels and bladder. Pressure on them from fibroid can cause a second set of problems and pain from retention of urine or stool, which may require an er visit. If you are bleeding excessively and feel faint, would go to the er.

Is fibroid tumor dangerous?

Fibroid. Fibroid or myoma is the most common benign tumor of the smooth muscle of the womb. It usually is without symptom- however if it grows bigger- it may be presented as heavy, painful menstrual bleeding, etc. Fibroids can rarely (0.1-0.5%), undergo malignant degeneration. In addition, there are rare forms of fibroids where the lesions are capable of spreading without transforming into cancer.
Can cause problems. Fibroids are non-cancerous growths of the muscular layer if the uterus. They are hormonally driven and can grow in size and cause problems for many women. They can cause pelvic pain, urinary symptoms, and constipation if a large enough size. They can also cause abnormal bleeding and heavy periods.

How can a fibroid tumor affect me?

Fibroid tumor. Fibroid tumors are quite common. They are benign smooth muscle tumors arising in the uterine wall of reproductive-age women and can result in irregular menses, abdominal pain and/or enlargement, and, in some cases, reduce fertility by obstructing implantation or irritating the endometrial lining.

Is it good or bad to have a desegregating fibroid tumor?

May be good. A fibroid that outgrows it's own blood supply may "infarct" and start to "degenerate". This stops growth and may cause a decrease in size. Now the bad news, it's painful and may lead to other problems like fever or infection (not common) or inflammation that cause adhesions (common). Fibroid degeneration is most common in pregnancy and usually does not require rx other than pain control.

How long does it take to recover after having a fibroid tumor removed?

Depends. If the surgery was laprascopically performed the recover will be less than if it was performed via laparotomy (much larger incision). Smaller incision most likely 2-3 weeks; larger incision more likely 4-6 weeks. Ask your surgeon to get a better idea.

What are doctors' recommendations to cure a fibroid tumor?

Depends. Having fibroid without symptoms nothing should be done. If causing significant symptoms there are medicines that can help temporize, but often the woman will be left with of 1of 2 choices: surgery or uterine fibroid embolization (ufe). Ufe is safer, less invasive, shorter recovery than surgery and effective > 90% of cases. Also she can keep her uterus which is important even if family complete.

Following fibroid tumor is removed will you lose weight quickly?

Depends. Fibroid usually refers to a leiomyoma (benign tumor of smooth muscle) of the uterus. Fibroids are not necessarily associated with weight loss or weight gain themselves, but sometimes the tumors can be large in which case removal might result in a noticeable difference. Also, any type of surgery can have some impact on weight, depending on appetite and retaining fluid during recovery.