How long after a tick bite would you start to see symptoms of Lyme disease?

1-2 weeks. If the tick was carrying the bacteria borrelia burgdorferi and the bacteria was transmitted via the bite then most individuals will develop a flu like illness with fevers and muscle pains within a week or two. About half will also develop a bullseye rash at the site of the bite.

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What are common tick bite and Lyme disease risk/symptoms?

Rash, flu symptom. There are a number of tick borne illnesses. To get lyme disease you would first have to be bitten by an infected tick in an area of the country with lyme disease. The early symptoms are a rash and sometimes fever, headache cold or flu like symptoms. This can be followed by other rashes, neurologic symptoms, joint swelling , joint pain, and cardiac ( heart) symptoms. Read more...

How long does it take for tick bite to actually cause Lyme disease?

Days to months. It takes just days for a bite from the deer tick to result in sin lesions, but weeks to months to develop arthritis or neurological disorders. Read more...