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I'm 29. I have fibrocystic breasts. Is it alarming when a small complicated breast cyst (no solid mass component) is more "tall than wide"? Thank you

No. But if any changes or if any dishcharge or family history of breast cancer should be seeing a breast surgeon to keep up with screenings and if smoke or take birth control stop, this increases risk, try natural family planning nfp. Com.

My dr says I have fibrocystic breasts he said its common sometimes. Am I more prone to ca? & how will I know if its just cystic tissue or ca during exam

No and FCD confuses. Fibrocystic disease (fcd) is not a risk factor for breast cancer. However it makes breast self-examination probematic: is it fcd or a suspicious lump? Although breast self-exam is not associated with decreased mortality from breast cancer, I believe that it is safe and that you need to know what your normal breast tissue feels like. It can lead to increased number of mammograms.

26. fibrocystic breasts diagnosed, ultrasound fine, test done last yr. One breast always been larger and more cysts. Is this normal? Doc says no worry

Normal diffrences. It is normal for there to be differences between the breasts in terms of size of the breast and number of cysts. Usually the density of the breast is the same on both sides. Keep performing monthly breast self exams and getting breast imaging as recommended by your doctor.

4 months of stabbing pain through left breast starting at nipple straight through to back. No lumps but have history of fibrocystic breasts.

Ribs. This is most likely an intercostal neuralgia, or irritation of the nerve associated with each rib. The pain is sharp, and stabbing, often radiating from breast area to the back. Gastroesphageal reflux, particularly with hiatal hernia may cause similar symptoms. Diagnostic workup may include thoracic ct / MRI to exclude aneurysm.