Can keflex help with a uti?

Yes. Depends on the type of bacteria so one should check the culture result and antibiotic sensitivities.

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Will keflex take care of uti?

No. Keflex is not a good antibiotic for utis unless you know it will be active based on culture results. Many uti-causing bacteria are resistant to keflex.

Minor discomfort remains after UTI w/ Klebsiella P treated with Keflex re culture @ 3 x's a day for 10 days. Just completed meds. Normal?

It may be normal but. It may be normal but you do need a repeat urine culture to see if the infection is all cleared or not with the antibiotic Keflex. Drink plenty fluids and if the repeat culture is negative that means your infection has cleared if not you may need more treatment.

How do you treat a person who gets chronic uti's all the time? Tests all normal. Was on keflex low dose for years and it helped, but not anymore.

Treat the cause. If you have not been investigated, you should be checked for stones, anatomic abnormalities etc. If all causes have been ruled out, you should consider a different antibiotic based on a culture result.

5 days on keflex for UTI and still no relief - doc says on right drug, what can I do?

Discuss. After 5 days, your symptoms should have at least started to improve. If there is truly no relief, your symptoms may be attributable to another abnormality (not the uti), poor response to the keflex, or residual irritation even though the infection is clearing. You should call your doctor to report your concerns.

Keflex for 7 days, still feeling symptoms of UTI (pressure) but urine clear, why is this happening?

Odd treatment. Keflex is not a standard treatment for a uti, so I'm not surprised that it's not doing anything. How do you know you have a uti? We're tests done? It sound like you need lab tests and maybe a more appropriate antibiotic, if you're infected.

I have a UTI, need some medicine usually take Keflex and away from my home and regular doctor?

Need antibiotic 4 UT. I have a UTI, need some medicine usually take ANS: Need to contact your reg Dr. Need information about when your last Rx was for this. If several would do culture to be certain right abiotic.. If in NV or WI I can write Rx but need to go thru Wellvia Solutions. Or do Prime consult here with MD licensed in your current location.

I am sure I have a UTI can't go to the doctor right now I have keflex at home should I take it?

Could work. Keflex isn't always the first choice for an uncomplicated uti, but it's certainly not a wrong choice. Make sure you have enough for a full week course. The problem with self treatment is that you won't have a urine culture that will tell you for sure if the bacteria you have is definitely sensitive to the antibiotics you are taking. If you don't feel better in 48 hours, see a doctor.
You may. And it may or may not be effective. If effective you should be without any symptoms in three full days and then simply finish a five day course. Assume the Keflex dose is 250mg or 500mg. If so take three times daily for 5 days. If no change after three days see your doctor. Keep in mind that treatment with Keflex will probably negatively affect any urine culture you need.

Should you resume keflex daily to suppress UTI if you got klebsiella UTI on it and were treated with cephalosporin?

No. The usual drugs used to prevent frequently recurring uti's are sulfa/trimethoprim (septra (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) or bactrim), norfloxacin, or Nitrofurantoin given in relatively low doses each night. I do not recommend Nitrofurantoin (macrobid) because of its potentially serious side effects. Penicillins and cephalosporins are usually not used for this indication.

With recurring uti's - my brother was given ampicillin to be followed by supportive dose of keflex indefinitely. When should he be retested?

Up to his doctor. UTI in older men usually occurs with other urinary tract problems that increase susceptibility or make it difficult or impossible to eliminate all bacteria: prostate infection, kidney stone, partial blockage, etc. Best antibiotics and follow-up testing are complex decisions, impossible to judge without more info. If any doubt, your brother might benefit from infectious disease consultation.