How can I ease the pain from HSV ii?

Several choices. The blisters from hsvii can be very painful. There are both oral medications as well as medications available to place on the lesions to ease the pain but nearly all require a prescription.

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What does it mean if I tested positive for HSV ii?

Genital herpes. You may experience painful ulcers in the affected area, usually genitals; and can pass on the infection to sexual partners even when there are no open lesions/sores.

My partner and I both tested positive for hsv-ii, can we pass it back and forth if we do not use condom?

You already have it. Both of you are already infected and exposure to more virus from the partner will not change the situation. Both of you need to get tested for other stds and till then use condoms and safe sex practices.

If I tested positive for lupus a few yrs ago and now tested 2x positive HSV II but never had sigms of it, could it be false due to autoimmume?

Unlikely false pos. The pain along the strip of skin is more suggestive of an infection rather an autoimmune cause like lupus. With hsv ii, many people think of the presence of a sore, blister or ulcer on the skin; depending on details of the case and the specific test results, symptoms may be absent or the lesion is not in an easily observable site on the skin. Definite discuss your good question with your doctor.

For a blood test for HSV II IgG type specific 0.00-0.90, what is the meaning of a result <0.91 instead of <0.90? Please explain the extra 1 hundredth

Not Infected. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Those 'standardized' results are "labspeak" and do not have any significance. All this test result tells you is that you do not have a remote exposure or infection with genital herpes. But, that does not rule out an acute infection since only the igg and not the igm results are shown here.

I just got a routine checkup and it came back with a result of HSV II igG 1.00 ratio. I've neverhad an outbreak of genital herpes. What does this mean?

Possible exposure. This is a borderline positive result, so I'd suggest a repeat in 3 months just to confirm. It is quite possible to have been exposed to and acquire HSV2 without ever having an outbreak. You may also get very mild outbreaks so you need to be alert for the possibility. Your biggest risk is that you could be infectious without realizing it, so you may want to consider prophylactic treatment.

I have pus covered mouth sores that got swabbed tested HSV-II positive. A totally different doctor said it's tonsillitis and now I'm confused. Help?

HSV-2. Discuss this with the docs, but maybe the HSV-2 infection is causing a tonsilar inflammation, thus tonsillitis, but a Positive culture is usually most definitive for the diagnosis of HSV-2. Best wishes.
Terminology. Tonsillitis is a nonspecific term that simply means inflammation of the tonsils. HSV-II is a specific cause. It would be accurate to call it HSV-II Tonsillitis.