Is there such a thing as perennial allergic rhinitis?

YES. Perennial means that the condition stays most of the year, as opposed to seasonal. Examples of perennial allergic rhintis are those associated to exposure to dust and molds. These are usually indoor and difficult to get rid of.
Definitely. It can be caused by dust, pets, dust mites, roaches etc. And can be just as annoying as "seasonal hay fever. ".

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Immunotherapy for 18 months, IgE 850 but no improvement in perennial allergic rhinitis. Help me.

See below. Immunotherapy is a way to treat one's allergies. It is effective in 80% of patients which means in 20% of patients will not respond to immunotherapy. In some cases the dose that one starts at on it may need to be adjusted as tolerated by the patient.

Pt with perennial allergic rhinitis and a deviated nasal septum, how can I treat this?

Steroids and Surgery. The rhinitis can be treated utilizing nasal steroids, however if your septum is deviated - surgery might be the only option if it is impinging on your breathing. Speak to your ENT or plastic surgeon.
Deviated septum. A deviated septum can be corrected surgically to bring the septum to the midline. If there are symptoms like nasal obstruction, snoring or recurrent sinusitis, have your nose evaluated by a board certified otolaryngologist.

I have perennial allergic rhinitis. I try everything. Can laser desensitization of nasal mucosa is the last cure?

Allergic rhinitis. I have not heard about laser desensitization and I am a fellow in the american academy of otolaryngic allergists. This treatment, if it exists, has not been tested and approved. You need to be tested to see what you are allergic to and treated appropriately. You can get shots or you can put drops under the tongue (sublingual immunotherapy) for effective treatment. These are the treatments I know.

Daily sinus headache due to regular intake of antihistamines for perennial allergic rhinitis. Please help. Great difficulty in doing work. Taking arinac.

Allergist. You need not suffer as you do... Taking antihistamines will mask the symptoms, but not solve the problem. Allergy treatment will help your body become desensitized to the allergens that affect you. See an allergist asap.