Is there a condition characterized by phantom pregnancy kicks?

Gas. The bowel constricts and contracts in ways that can be painful or sharp. If you have a history of abdominal surgery, this question should be directed to your surgeon.
Gas. The bowels can constrict and contract in rythyms that can feel sharp or painful. If you have a history of surgery of the abdomen, this type of question should be directed to your surgeon.

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Cause of phantom pregnancy?

False pregnancy? Phantom or false pregnancy is more common in veterinary circles. False pregnancy in humans is less common, and may sometimes be purely psychological. It is generally estimated that false pregnancy is caused due to changes in the endocrine system of the body, leading to the secretion of hormones which translate into physical changes similar to those during pregnancy.

Why would I have phantom pregnancy after having tube tied?

GYN. Pseudocyesis? To be diagnosed with “hysterical pregnancy” you must actually believe that you are pregnant. Since it sounds as thought that is not the case, I am wondering if you are experiencing some endocrine changes with symptoms that can be seen in pregnancy or other states. I recommend discussing this with your gynecologist.

Can a phantom pregnancy increase your heart rate and blood pressure?

Phann. Pseudocyesis- false preg. Is result of emotional stress like illegle sex, guilt whatever. So if have false pregnancy yes whatever reason for stress heat rate and BP can increase. In fact there is entity called stress cardiomyopathy that due stress heart over works, including anginal chest pain due coronary artery spasm, fast heart heat etc. Should consult physician.
Not sure. That depends on what you are feeling to be a phantom pregnancy. Certainly an ectopic pregnancy which does not grow in the uterus can cause bleeding and cause the symptoms that you describe. In addition birth control pills can cause elevated changes in blood pressure.

Is it possible to have a "phantom pregnancy" 4mnths after surgical abortion? I haven't had sex since, but my belly is growing and I can feel movement

Possible, but... The key here is "phantom pregnancy" is not a pregnancy; so it's not common but can happen anytime. If your belly is growing but you haven't had sex you are not pregnant; however, you should see a doctor for an exam to see what's up. Good wishes.