What natural remedies work well for chronic constipation?

High fiber foods. People get confused about fiber, thinking they should just eat more fruit. Study which foods have it. Examples are: bran cereals-read the side of the box for # grams. Try to get 30 grams in a day if your type of constipation responds well to fiber--not all do, though. Tasteadventure.Com is a website that sells great high fiber dry soups you can take to work in a baggy and add water and microwave.
Diet and fluids. A good high fiber diet and plenty of non caffeinated, non alcoholic fluids should do the trick...Nothing more nothing less. 80-100 ounces of fluids per day at a minimum.

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Can there be any effective treatment for chronic constipation?

Several ways to help. A high-fiber diet adequate fluid intake, take the time for bowel movements if those do not work then take some laxatives: bulk laxatives(fiber supplements) with a lot of water. Stimulantsdulcolax. Lubricant enema. Stool softeners, make the stool softer. Osmotics mirlax. Saline laxatives act like a sponge to draw water into the colon for easier passage of stool. Chloride channel activators amitiza (lubiprostone). Read more...

Please tell me, could belive me it is possible to get ileostomy surgery for chronic constipation in which all of other treatment doesn't help?

Yes, but... That would be a truly last ditch effort to treat an otherwise benign problem. In addition to the potential complications of the operation itself, the side effects and possible future complications are significant, and changes one's lifestyle forever. Seeing an experienced surgeon can help with options. If you've already seen one, go see another. Read more...

What would be safer & more effective for treatment of chronic constipation? 4 daily doses of Miralax or 2 daily doses of Miralax W/30ml of Lactulose?

Evaluation needed... Before you contemplate long term laxative dependency, seek medical evaluation--rule out metabolic causes of constipation (e.g. Low thyroid or adrenal conditions), distinguish slow versus normal transit constipation, consider a primary rectal dysfunction that may be treatable with biofeedback, check for structural pathology or extrinsic impingement, or intermittent ileus (e.g. Pseudo-obstruction). Read more...