What are the advantages/disadvantages to surrogacy or egg donation?

Numerous for both. Egg donors and surrogates used for different reasons. Egg donors for women w/poor eggs: advantage is success, disadvantage is someone else's eggs (and costs). Surrogate used when woman cannot be pregnant herself. Advantage: baby vs no baby; disadvantage: other woman involved and costs. Both topics too broad to answer well here. Great options when used appropriately. Costs are relative but high.

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Surrogacy vs carry yourself after egg donation. Which makes more sense for older single woman?

Yourself. You should carry yourself unless you cannot. Surrogacy is used when the woman cannot carry a baby as pregnancy itself is risky. We are protective of surrogates and while pregnancy is risky, it is alright for you to take the risk for your own baby. Surrogacy is also expensive with low prices of about $40k just for the surrogacy. Brief answer but hopefully you understand the point. Best wishes. Read more...