How can I get rid of dry eyes?

Dry eye treatment. Dry eye is a chronic problem but can treated/ controlled. First line treatments include frequent artificial tears during the day, ointment at night, warm compresses 1-2 times a day, and omega-3 fatty acid supplements. If persistent symptoms, you should see your eye doctor to consider other therapies (restasis, low dose topical steroid, punctal plugs, etc).
Dry eyes. There is no curative therapy for dry eyes, but the symptoms can be reversed with the appropriate therapy.

Related Questions

Could I get rid of dry eyes permenently?

Dry eyes. Typically cannot be cured. However, they can be managed effectively with a variety of different eye drops. Sometimes, your symptoms may be caused by other eye issues. If they are treated, then your symptoms may go away permanently. Read more...

Are dry eyes something that can be cured? I have read on how to maintain symptoms of dry eyes but not how to get rid of them completely.

Not usually. Dry eyes can be caused by some medications and can be irritated by quite a few things (e.g. smoke, sunlight, air travel). So if you have one of those situations, address accordingly. often, however, it is an intrinsic problem. If you wear contact lenses, Then you need to be extra careful. Some people believe that taking Omega-3/6 fatty acid supplements may help. There are also many lubricants OTC. Read more...

Would theratears supplement get rid of my blurry vision cause of dry eyes?

It can help. Theratears™ nutrition supplements can help you with your dry eye symptoms, together with additional artificial tears daily. Warm compresses and lid hygiene with diluted baby shampoo to cleanse the eyelid margins will be of additional benefit. Humidify your living environment air is beneficial. Read more...