If you have an elevated psa, what are the odds that it's cancer?

High, get checked. If this is your first result showing high blood psa, you should see your doctor to get worked up to be sure it isn't prostate cancer. Other things, like prostate hypertrophy, can give high psa, but there are different results on dre (digital rectal exam) than cancer. The prostate would be firm, smooth, and rubbery, not rough and irregular. But you don't know unless you get checked, so see dr.
Psa. Between 4-10 about 1 in 4 chance of + bx. Higher psa higher chance of cancer.
Varies with level. The odds of having prostate cancer are higher as the psa is higher. A psa of 4 or less is normal, however, prostate cancer can still be present, though unusual. A psa between 4-10 is elevated, and aboutr 1/4 people with this level may have prostate cancer. With a psa of 10-20, about half of people will have prostate cancer. Above 20, most people will have prostate cancer.