Related Questions

How come when you put benzoyl peroxide creams on your face, your eyelids burn?

Thin skin. Eyelid skin is among the thinnest on the body and is delicate and easily damaged. Read labels on anything you put on your face and avoid using strong substances on eyelid skin.

Do I need prescription for 10% benzoyl peroxide acne cream?

No. Give it a try and if you can tolerate it 1-2x/day it's got a fair chance either of managing your acne by itself or forming the basis of a therapeutic plan along with prescription-strength rx. Talk with your personal physician about this at your next opportunity.

What face wash should I use with a prescription of benzaclin (clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide)?

Mild soaps like Dove. Any face wash is ok, sops such as dove will be fine. It is the washing that matters before applying benzaclin (clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide).

What is a good face wash to use with prescription of benzaclin (clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide)?

Salicylic or glycoli. I like salicylic or glycolic acid cleansers, obagi, skinmedica, and replenix are my three favorite that I carry in the office. Make sure you use your cleanser for two full minutes to it can do its job and using a clarisonic pro device will really give you the best results.

I have acne and red spot on my face...I am going to use benzac (benzoyl peroxide) AC gel for treating it. So it is good choice or not? Plz suggest

A good first try. Benzac ac (http://www. Benzac. Com. Au/why-it-works) is basically benzoyl peroxide with an added combo of absorbing beads and glycerin all act to dry up a lot of the oils that can clog up skin pores, causing an acne lesion. Without seeing you I cannot say if it will work but it may be a good start. See a dermatologist if this doesn't help.