What are the different symptoms of strep throat and laryngitis?

Hoarseness and pain. Laryngitis is associated with more hoarseness or lack of voice while strep throat is usually more associated with pain and trouble with swallowing and sometimes some hoarseness as well.

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Is a hoarse voice a symptom of strep throat or laryngitis?

Laryngitis. Acute laryngitis sx are hoarse voice, cough, sore throat and other URI sx. Strep throat has headache, sore throat with exudate, bodyaches, fever, chills and no hoarse voice.
Laryngitis. Hoarse voice is laryngitis usually. Strep is fever, sore throat, swollen glands and a positive strep test. Laryngitis is from a virus - no antibiotics.

What are the differences between laryngitis and strep throat?

Location, germ. Laryngitis is a condition of the voice box including the vocal cords that is generally caused by a virus. Strep throat is a condition where the bacteria group a strep invades the mucous producing, glandular areas of the upper throat above the voice box & continues into the back of the nose and adenoidal tissue.

Would azythromiycin help strep throat and or laryngitis?

It should. Cases of azitjromycin resistant strep are regionally increasing. I remember the day when "vitamin z" was prescribed for any and all ages sore throats, sinuses, bronchitis, pneumonia, std's, etc. Bugs get awfully smart...
Yes, but… Azithromycin gets excellent tissue levels in the body, and strep is susceptible to it—if the infection is treated before it has spread to the bloodstream; then Azithromycin does not work well. If you have strep & aren't getting better, see your doc for re-evaluation.

What to do when you have strep throat or bad laryngitis on a trip?

Don't kiss. Donot kiss. Go to nearest doctor get it treated. Otc antihistamin is helpful in the mean time.