How would you get an emergency liver transplant?

Be the sickest. Emergent livers are allocated to those with an expected life span of <7 d such as those with acute liver toxicity. Urgent donation is available for those very ill patients on life support. A patial liver from a live donor can be used in an urgent or emergent situation though this is controversial.

Related Questions

Can I get free liver transplant?

Maybe. You live in a country with a socialized medical system, hence you might. The workings of your system might allow that, assuming you are a candidate. You really need to ask this of your primary md.

How can I get on the list for a liver transplant?

Lots of steps. There are lots of steps that are summarized very nicely on this website: http://www. Transplantliving. Org/before-the-transplant/getting-on-the-list/. Basically, you have to have a thorough evaluation to make sure you are a suitable candidate. This involves visits with multiple doctors and often several procedures or tests. Often, if you have other health conditions, these are treated beforehand.
Liver specialist. If you need liver transplant then chance are your liver is in bad shape therefore you should be taken care if by a physician. He/she should direct you to the right path.
Liver transplant. You need to be assessed by a transplant specialist, undergo a full evaluation and presented at a listing conference.

How probable is it that someone can get a liver transplant in 9 months?

Depends on how ill. Liver transplants come from live donors or deceased donors. Deceased donor organs are "allocated" by the candidate's meld score which indicates how ill they are. The higher the score, the more likely to get an organ, but also the more likely the patient is to die without a liver. With the organ shortage, death is a real possibility. So, the 9 month cut-off is not the most helpful way to think.

Should 65 year old men get a liver transplant if required?

Personal decision. If the only choice between life and death is a transplant the individual has to decide how important it is for him to live. Transplant is an amazing medical technique that saves many lives. There are multiple potential complications and major lifestyle changes that come with it. Also it doesn't always work. It is very important to be fully informed before you make the decision.

I have severe cirrohsis of the liver, will I get better or will I need a liver transplant?

Don'tknow you. Severe cirrhosis of the liver, from whatever cause, e.g. Alcohol, infection, drug effects, autoimmune, fatty change, etc. Is pretty much not reversible (not very reversible). Scarring of the liver is mostly a one way street. Can have " compensated" cirrhosis for years. Severe cirrhosis is a serious disease, should see specialist, get on a transplant list. No alcohol, minimal meds if possible..
Liver cirrhosis. Liver cirrhosis suggests that the liver is scarred beyond repair. It will not recover, but you can live with it if you do not develop complications related to portal hypertension or encephalopathy. Ultimately, liver transplantation fixes the problem but not without risk. You should discuss your options with your hepatologist.
No/maybe. Cirrhosis of the liver is not reversible. It may not require a transplant though. It depends if you can take measures to keep it from getting worse.

Should I get a second opinion if my GI tells me I am going to need a liver transplant? He seems to get offended if I "question his diagnosis"

Most certainly. When it come to your help, physician should be up front, honest, and clear as much as possible. If your concern and worry can't be address by a physician, please get advise from others.
From a transplnt ctr. Your doctor's personality issues aside, unless he is a transplant hepatologist you'll have to get a second opinion- from a doctor at a transplant center. The decision whether a person should undergo liver transplantation is complex and ultimately can only be made by the transplant team.