Is it advisable to extract the front teeth of patients with epilepsy/seizures?

No. They still need to function and they still need to maintain confidence they already have a compromised life style, I don't think it has to be compounded. You she never put anything in their mouth during the seizure any way. Trauma to tissues can be managed afterward. Ask the patient if thats what they want.
No. Only if they are severely broken. Decayed and sharp. Perhaps a mouth guard if seizures are frequent.
No. Not just becasue they have seizures. If teeth are healthy keep them.

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I m an epileptic patient. My dose is epival clonatril topiro from childhood till continued what should I do for permanent cure for epilepsy seizures.

Please rephrase. My apologies but I'm not understanding your question. I am a neurologist so would love to help. Please think of another way to come at your quesiton. I'm not even able to really approximate what you're trying to ask. If you're seizures are not adequately responding to multiple medications and your neurologist has tried all possible combos then, perhaps surgery is what you may wish to consider.

How to first aid a patient having epileptic seizures?!

Safety. Make sure that the patient is not in a situation where he or she can hurt themselves such as by falling or hitting something hard, turn them on their side to keep tongue or other material from blocking the windpipe, call for help.

Is medical marijuana useful to calm PTSD or anxiety in patients with seizure disorder who can't be on typical anxiety medications?

My concern is. That cannabis use can actually trigger anxiety and panic in some people.
Ask doctor. Marijuana can have cause paranoia, which may be dangerous for someone with PTSD. It is also less well studied as an effective treatment. Speak with your doctor, a psychiatrist, or a psychologist.
Can't say. Unfortunately, very little reliable, peer reviewed research has been done regarding the safety and efficacy of marijuana for anything, despite the long list list of conditions for which it has allegedly been helpful. My own guess it that it is not likely to be helpful, since it clouds thinking, and is difficult to dose properly, resulting in an under or overdose. Stick with more proven therapies.