What is a treatment for nephrotic syndrome?

Proper medication. Minimal change (or nil) disease. Correctly diagnosed by biopsy but frequently diagnosed by the symptoms of proteinuria, edema and intact renal function with a bland urine sediment. This responds to steroid therapy most of the time. The presence of blood in the urine, or failure to respond to steroids indicates need for biopsy of kidney with therapy based on those results. Case needs nephrologist.

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What is the latest treatment for nephrotic syndrome in children?

Steroids. Kids with nephrotic syndrome spill protein in their urine due to inflammation of the membrane that filters blood. This leads to swelling throughout the body as there is not enough protein in the blood to prevent fluid from leaks out of the vessels. Treatment is steroids to knock down the inflammation and stop the proteins from leaking out. The problem usually resolves fairly quickly when treated.

How effective is the 'rituximab' treatment for nephrotic syndrome?

Rituximab. In an article at this link: http://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/pmc/articles/PMC3358759/, the article suggests that Rituximab is not effective in forms of INS resistant to steroids and calcineurin inhibitors. Ask the physician treating the patient for more information. Good luck.

What is the dose and duration of treatment with prednisolone in the management of nephrotic syndrome?

Variable by case. Only your doctor can determine the type and duration of treatment. Followup studies are needed to monitor progress. Often the dose can be tapered after the urine protein loss declines and other factors normalize, but all depends on your individual response to therapy.

I have fsgs with nephrotic syndrome. Is it posible to cure?, if not what is the best way to manage it?

Some have remission. Primary fsgs is typically treated initially with high dose steroids. If no response other agents are added such as Cyclosporine or tacrolimus. Many patients have significant improvement in urine protein levels. Additionally ace inhibitors and statins are added. Weight loss, low sodium diet and a low protein diet are important. A portion of patients will go into remission.
No cure, but.. . Talk to your nephrologist about ways to manage it. There may be a research study for you to consider as well.

Can you conceive after you've had treatment for nephrotic syndrome?

See below. Some treatment for nephrotic syndrome may involve use of agents which can suppress ovulation or decrese sperm count, and it may be difficult to conceive, but this is not a definite side effect and needs to be discussed with your doctor.

Is nephrotic syndrome hereditary?

See below. Some causes of nephrotic syndrome are due to herediary causes, eg one of the causes of fsgs also called focal and segmentalglomerulosclerosis.
Mostly not. With rare exception, nephrotic syndrome is not a hereditary condition.

How serious is nephrotic syndrome?

Depends on... Nephrotic syndrome is a condition resulting from heavy protein loss through urine. A number of different kidney diseases are underlying pathologies. Therefore, the prognosis depends upon the underlying pathology.