My lower legs and feet are swollen but my BP is good. Should I be concerned?

Swollen legs, feet. I would recommend them to be checked out by a podiatrist and primary care physician. There may be problems with the feet and ankles, veins, heart, liver or kidney.
Should follow up. While foot & leg swelling may be normal in some people with aging, ankle swelling (edema) should always be checked out by a physician. Aside from hyptertension, one may encounter ankle edema from venous insufficiency, chemical imbalances, lymphatic tract obstruction, and a host of other causes. Best to have it checked out, particularly if compression stockings do not relieve the swelling.
Swelling. How old? Pregnant? Both legs? Calve pain or tenderness ? Problems urinating?
Possibly. Swelling can be an indicator of poor blood return in the veins, usually comes from prolonged standing over years which is managed easily with compression stockings. It can also be an indicator of kidney problems or heart problems. You may need to follow up with your primary care doctor if you have a history of these medical problems.