I want to become a doctor. What is the best way to go about doing that after getting my general associate degree?

Continue studies! In addition to volunteering to "buff" your resume, you need a bs degree with a gpa of at least 3.7, all your pre-med requirements completed, good mcat scores, well-received interviews, and letters of recommendation. There are lots of 4.0 gpas, high mcats, and sterling letters of recommendation, so there has to be something that sets you aside from the rest. Sometimes takes 2 or 3 tries to get in.
Continue education. I would suggest going for a 4 year undergraduate degree. Along with that, you will need to take courses required for medical school (excel in them), take mcats (rock it) and start building your portfolio of extra curricular activities. There's alot involved, so i would also suggest getting into a 4 year undergrad program that has a good pre-professional guidance counselor to help you along.