If u have pcos syndrome and u don't have diabetes, would u still take metformin? I thought u only took metformin for type 2 diabetes?

For both. Patients with pcos are at risk for having Insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes. Metformin makes the Insulin more "sensitive" thus it can be used for both disorders. You do not need to be a diabetic to use metformin. Metformin can also be used to treat pre-diabetes.
Possibly. With pcos and no diabetes metformin may still be a good choice: it's not terribly effective as a fertility drug by itself, but it can help the effectiveness of Clomid (clomiphene) in selected cases. It also has some benefit for cycle regulation and hormone-related complaints, especially in women with Insulin resistance. You're partly right though, use for anything except dm type ii is off-label.
Yes, you can take it. Metformin works by making the cells of your body more sensitive to the hormone insulin. Insulin allows your cells to be able to use glucose as fuel. People with certain medical conditions such as pcos have Insulin resitance. So it takes more Insulin to get the job done. This can also increase wt. Metformin actually helps the body to lower the level of Insulin so it does not cause low blood sugar.

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I have pcos and type 2 diabetes, the doc took me off metformin temporarily, could that give me bad acne and pregnancy like symptoms not pregnant.

Possibly. Metformin helps to lower fat synthesis. Fortunately you can eat 6 equal healthy meals and do 10 minutes of exercise after each meal to get the benefits of metformin without taking the medication. Diabetes, pcos, and acne are all helped by lowering stress, avoiding sugar, increasing vegetables and taking evening primrose oil which is high in gamma linoleic acid. Read more...