I have hashimotos disease and wanted to know if having this disease u can develope pcos? I do not have diabetes but both of my parents do.

Not exactly. Hashimotos, type ii diabetes, and pcos are all autoimmune diseases and recent research suggests there may be a genetic link. Nonetheless, on a clinical basis, hashimotos and pcos are independent issues. Diabetes and pcos, however, are closely linked. The risk factors are similar for both, such as being overweight and carbohydrate insensitive. With your family history, watch your life style!
Yes, but not related. Women with hashimoto's can have pcos, and those with pcos can develop hashimoto's but neither one causes teh other. Pcos with Insulin resistance inreases lifetime risk of developing dm but many never do. Endocriniolgists have done good work looking at drugs like metformin can reduce risk of getting dm in appropriately selected patients.