When I lay down I have to do so very slowly so my back can adjust. I sleep on my side. When I wake up I have to stretch because it feels like the middle of my chest has folding inside each other. Do I need to see a chiropractor?

Better Choice? Chiropractors generally work on the spine and some are excellent. However, an osteopathic physician (do) is not only a full-fledged doctor, like an md, but is also trained to treat musculoskeletal problems with his hands, like chiropractors. Do's, though, work on the whole body, not just the spine. Many problems don't arise in the spine so a do may be better equipped to find and fix it.
May help but also... A good chiropractor might help- i prefer those with gentle techniques like network & direct non-force. But you might also be helped by an osteopath who does osteopathic manipulation (see www.Academyofosteopathy.Org/) or a md who specializes in physical medicine. Your internist or family doctor could also refer you to a good physical therapist. But please see at least one of these for treatment!