I had a mild concussion a year ago still have lil symptoms sucn as spaciness, some back headaches, some neck pain. Head tingels will this go away?

Can take awhile & You are describing a post concussion syndrome with most of your ongoing symptoms that should be evaluated by a neurologist if you have not seen one already. When the brain is injured, it is not unusual for the neck to sustain some injury as well and this should also be evaluated.
CST. Yes, it can take a while to go away. I would recommend craniosacral therapy. This may help improve the flow of your cerebrospinal fluid and healing.
Evaluation. A concussion means that the brain has ben traumatized. Symptoms that have lasted for a year would indicate that your concussion was more than mild. We are well aware that concussions can have long term effects. You need to see a neurologist for an evaluation, brain scan and eeg.