Fda issued warnings about transvaginal mesh for pop. Does this warning also apply to transvaginal mesh slings?

No. The "slings" used for treatment of urinary incontinence have not been implicated in the recent fda warning issued in 2011. Although they are also made of polypropylene mesh, the amount of material and the anatomic location of the sling are totally different from the mesh kits that were referred to in the fda warning bulletin. In addition, there is plenty of data published documenting the safety.
Yes. Most pt who have a sling do not have problems. Some women will have pain, painful intercourse, difficulty urinating or other problems. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the sling. The only way to know for sure is to see a specialist with a lot of experience treating mesh related complications.
No. The warnings apply to "mesh kits" used for vaginal prolapse repair (i.e., pop) (uterus/ bladder/ rectum prolapsing in the vagina). Vagnial mesh slings have a very safe overall track record over the past 15 years with a complication rate.
Slings less likely. to have mesh-related problems, but it can happen. FDA warning differentiated between mesh for prolapse and mesh for slings. If you are concerned you should be evaluated by a urogynecologist experienced with mesh-related problems. You are welcome to request a virtual consult with me on Health Tap Concierge.