How do I remove a chalazion surgery scar from my upper eyelid? It's a bit raised and red.

Scar removal. Have a laser treatment. A pulsed dye laser uses light to reduce the size of scars to make them flatter and to repair pigmentation. The treatment is non-invasive and you'll be entirely healed within a week. Several treatments are usually needed to gain the best results.
Discuss w ophtho. You mayndiscussmthismwith your ophthalmologist or ask them for a referral to an oculoplastic surgeon.

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How is surgery performed to remove chalazion under upper eyelid? Is the lid cut open, or is it removed from underneath? Worried about ugly scarring.

Scar not a concern. Chalazia are removed from the inside of the eyelid and so do not result in a visible scar.
Underneath. This surgery is done under local, with special clamp that everts the lid and allows all the surgery to be done from underneath. The skin is undisturbed and there will be no scar.