I don't take hormone pills, but I take the shot, they told me that I should start loosing weight when my hormones get back on track it's been 3 mon?

Start now. Losing weight is always difficult. Don't give up. We see 5-6 pounds of water weight with shot and that should be back to normal. Your cycles may take up to a year to normalize. That doesn't mean you won't have a cycle but don't be surprised if they are light or irregular. Losing weight always means reducing the calories. Get started now making lifestyle changes. Dont wait, get started now.
Need to see a doctor. What do you mean "they" ? Are they doctors or friends ? Why do you take shot for? People have deficiency on hormone will need replacement, but if you over use it can cause problem, such as causing tumor growth. You should check with your doctor see if it is appropriate to have hormone replacement.