What doctor can help me with anxiety?

Psychiatrist. A psychiatrist can help evaluate and treat your anxiety. Medications can be very helpful, and some primary care physicians may not feel comfortable prescribing them. Psychiatrists may also offer supportive and cognitive behavioral therapy as well. If not, they may work in conjunction with a psychologist or other psychotherapist who does do these types of therapies -- very important in treatment.
Primary Care Doctor. Primary care, psychiatry and your local mental health programs can help you. It all depends on the details of your anxiety. I would start with your family physician first and if you are not satisfied then request a referral to a psychiatrist. If you would like a non-medicated approach then contact a psychologist or counselor.
First stop is PCP. The first person to see is your primary care physician.
Primary care. Anxiety problems are very common, therefore the primary care community is generally well-versed in treating it. Start with your local family or internal medicine doctor. If the issue is more severe then they can refer you to a psychiatrist.

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What doctors can help me deal with anxiety?

Family doctor. A family doctor can deal with a variety of issues including anxiety. Try reading on mindfulness. It is proven to work without medication. Read more...
4 Knowledge/Skills.. Psychotherapy that goes beyond the line "tell me how you feel about that." first, u really do need someone w/training & expertise in treatment of anxiety problems/disorders. It's vital 2understand what anxiety is, how it ticks & what specific things can help if anxiety starts interfering with ur ability 2function & w/ur ability 2form/keep relationships. Great source info: http://www.Anxietybc.Org. Read more...
Depends on severity. Many family physicians and others enjoy working with anxious patients, & can do basic counseling. Often, though, time for this is very limited in primary care clinics. Psychiatrists & psychologists are trained to deal with more severe cases, and can offer more time. Mindfulness meditation can be useful also. Check out "a mindfulness-based stress reduction workbook" by stahl -- it may help! Read more...