Numbness in hand's & feet what could be causing this?

Many causes. There are a great many things that can cause numbness in the hands and feet, which can be caused by peripheral neuropathy. You can find out by seeing a doctor, who will take a complete history and perform a thorough physical exam.
Neuropathy. Periferal neuropathy can cause numbness in the hands and feet. This is something that should be checked by a neurologist.
Neuropathy. It sounds lilke you have some form of neuropathy. Many things can cause this and it can be a progressive problem. You should see your primary care doctor for evaluation for diabetes. Back problems can also be a cause.
Many different cause. Ashley, if you are a healthy woman with numbess and tingling in both hands and feet i would seek medical attention as the causes are varied with some of them needing medical attention. A tumor, pinched nerve, diabetes as well as other causes could be the culprit. If you have not had a good, complete physical in a while it is time to have it done. Your blood workup may help determine the cause.
Many possibilities. Numbness can occur from various reasons. Some potential causes include vitamin deficiency, nerve damage, nerve compression, alcohol over consumption, side effects of different medications, or as a result of different systemic medical conditions such as diabetes. Get evaluated by a professional to determine the diagnosis. Treatment is based on the diagnosis.