Why do I have hoarseness in my voice?

Many reasons. But the underlying problem is something affecting the vibration of your vocal cords. The vocal cords are like two strands of a rubber band. When they don't vibrate well, you will have hoarseness. This can be due to inflammation (reflux, allergies), infection, poor technique leading to fatigue, smoking, nodules, polyps, cysts, etc. If hoarseness persists, you should see an ent.
Vocal cords. Hoarseness is usually due to vocal cords not closing correctly. This can be due to swelling from a virus, vocal nodes (singers), other masses on the vocal cords or nerve issues.

Related Questions

I quit smoking. Will the hoarseness in my voice go away in time?

Usually but depends. On what damage the smoking has already done. In some smokers, the vocal cords become scarred or develop nodules and hoarseness may persist. Most of the time it is chronic inflammation and this heals, with time. It will also depend on how long and how much you smoked, what kind of cigarettes, and your own biology and predisposition to smoking-related damage. Congratulations and stay quit!!!

I have hoarseness in my voice for 3 weeks. I take prilosec. How effective is Prilosec for GERD or lerd? Also im getting over being sick this last week

Prilosec works. Prilosec is a very good option for hoarseness caused by reflux. While there are prescription meds that work a bit better, Prilosec works very well (especially considering it is otc and relatively inexpensive). Of course, other issues that can cause vocal cord irritation (like a recent uri) will make the hoarseness worse.
Evaluation. Gerd can be caused by sleep apnea. If you snore, are tired frequently, or wake up gasping for breathe, are overweight, the you may have sleep apnea. Talk with your doctor about this.

I've been suffering severe hair loss over the last 2 months- numbing in arms at night-hoarseness in my voice- depression- what's wrong with me?

Not sure. Would. Recommend eval by your physician. Symptoms that could occur with hypothyroidism include: depressed ; irritable mood, decreased sex drive, problems with memory, weight gain, cold sensitivity, hair loss or dryness, dry skin, constipation, change in periods, feeling weak ; tired with muscle aches ; pains.
Side effects of Oxy? Could be side effects of oxy, but it could also be hypothyroidism. See your family doctor and get checked out for hypothyroidism and gastro-esophageal reflux and you may need treatment for the depression. If so, you should see a psychiatrist for a full diagnostic work-up and a psychologist for psychotherapy. Best wishes.

While you are pregnat is it easier for you to have more sore throat more frequently i'am in my first trimester and I have been having a lot of sore throats n hoarseness in my voice for weeks now is this something serious

Infections. Infections of this type are not more common in pregnancy. It may be that you had been exposed to someone with an infection recently. Check with your OB if you do not improve over the next week or two. Sometimes it takes a while (several weeks) for hoarseness to improve after a viral infection. I hope you don't smoke since that can slow healing and be bad for the baby.

How can I make my voice hoarse?

Overuse. There are many causes of a hoarse voice. Voice overuse, misuse, viral infection, and reflux of acid from the stomach are the common causes. I am not sure what you are saying in your question. But I assume you are asking what can cause a hoarse voice. Constant clearing of the throat and frequent coughing can also cause a hoarse voice. If persistent see an ENT doctor.

My voice is hoarse sometimes. What can I do to cure this?

Depends. This can be from many causes. It could be vocal hygeine, acid reflux, nasal drainage. The best way to be checked is to see your local ENT who can perform endoscopy and evaluate your vocal cords.
Depends. To treat the hoarseness, one needs to know the cause. An otolaryngologist (ENT) doctor would be in a good position to provide evaluation and treatment with the goal of improving or possibly curing the hoarseness.