What's the difference between root canal and pulpectomy?

Go together. Pulpectomy is part of the root canal process, but sometimes only a pulpectomy is done for pain control reasons in prep for a root canal that is done later. Root canal therapy refers more to the completion of the process.
Pulpec. is for kids. Generally a pulpectomy is for a baby tooth and a full on root canal is for an adult. The depth of nerve removal is the main difference between the two. A pulpectomy is just the nerve tissue at the top of the nerve, while the root canal treatment goes all the way to the tip of the root.
They are the same. Pulpectomy refers to removal of the detnal pulp or nerve from the tooth. It is one step in root canal therapy. A pulpotomy is the removal of a portion of the dental pulp, usually done only on baby teeth.
Pulpectomy . A root canal involves removal of the pulp tissue from the tooth as well as the cleaning and shaping of the roots so that the roots can be filled and sealed. A pulpectomy involves only the immediate removal of pulp tissue for pain control in an emergency. Patients must return to have the root canal completed or risk an infection.