What should I expect if I just had 2 dental implants and some bone grafting?

Bone graft/implants. What to expect after surgery depends on many different factors. Implants themselves are relatively pain free, while bone grafts can cause significant pain and swelling. You can expect to have a moderate degree of manageable discomfort, with some swelling and perhaps some facial bruising. You'll probably be on a liquid diet for at least several days, as well as a variety of medications.
It can vary. Depending on how extensive the surgery was your post-operative signs and symptoms can vary. Different locations (sites) in the upper and lower jaw can have more pain, soreness or aching. There is a range of pain from none to severe and it should be controllable with pain medication for the initial few days when it is most likely. After that phase you're unlikely to feel anything while healing.
It depends. Most dental implant procedures do not cause much discomfort if performed by properly trained individuals. The extent of the bone grafting will determine how much discomfort there is. If there was just some particulate bone placed around the implants, the pain should be minimal. Nsaids take care of most of the pain, the first day may require a narcotic depending on the procedure and how involved.
It depends. It depends on what type of surgical technique is used. Generally minimally invasive procedures and carful technique leads to less post op pain and swelling.
Better function soon. Mild soreness only until the soft tissue heals. Then basically nothing until it is time for the next phase. If you have healling abutments in place, then no more surgery needed. If the implants are covered with tissue, then you will return for the "exposure" or "uncovering" at which time a healing abutment will be placed. Typically you will wait 10 - 14 days to heal before the next resorative phas.
Success. Depending on the quality of bone the healing process can be expected to be 4-6 months in most cases. Temporary teeth may be necessary to strengthen the bone prior to placing the final restorations. Softer bone requires more healing time. The size of the bone graft will also affect the time required for adequate healing. It is wise to wait until the bone is strong enough to support chewing forces.
Sore. Post operative swelling and bruising can be common along with difficulty chewing harder foods. You may require pain medicine for a few days. Generally implant placement is fairly mild depending upon the technique, location, and quality of bone. Some bone grafting is more advanced or involved than others. Don't expect a pain free procedure, but a normal daily routine is expected.