What is the best way to reduce my fat intake while on a low carb diet?

Think about energy. Both fat and carbs function as energy source. If you reduce both your body will start to resent it and you will feel fatigued, not able to perform any physical activity. Instead, increase the exericise, and, with a low carb intake your body will be forced to use more fat for energy. Be careful, because you will feel more sore after any physical activity with extreme low carb diets.

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I am 490 pounds and I am going to go on a low carb diet. How low should I start my carbs on my diet & what's my daily recommended intake for fat loss?

Expert. At that weight I would recommend you consult a bariatric physician and good nutritionist. The information you will get on line is going to be varied, confusing and not personal. You need personal, direct and specific counsel. I applaud your decision and wish you the best! Keep at it!

Could you tell me what is the normal daily intake of carbs in a low carb diet?

Variable. If you're really interested in a low carb diet, read books by dr. Dean ornish who has done the most research on the subject: http://www. Amazon. Com/ornishs-program-reversing-heart-disease/dp/0804110387 there are also youtube videos - search "dean ornish".

What is the best fruit to eat on a low carb diet can you eat crackers with unsalted top on a low carb low colostrol diet?

Crackers are. Carbs and its best to avoid them. Ezekiel bread is made from sprouted grains and is a good substitute for carbs. It's in the frozen food section at the market and comes in a variety of types. A bit expensive but dense so it goes a longer way than regular bread. Best fruit is what is low on the glycemic index. Search for a chart on the net. Berries are best. Peace and good health.

What's the difference between a low carb diet vs a high carb diet. Which one would be more beneficial to someone looking to reduce their body fat?

Low carb. Has been shown to be effective in wt loss. Simple carbs, often from processed foods, are just long chains of sugars, absorbed rapidly, causing spikes in blood sugar and insulin. You may look into the " glycemic index".

What is the best fishes to eat on a low sodum an low carb diet other than salmon?

A Shaggy Fish Story. These are all pretty low in sodium but I listed them from highest to lowest (in mg per average serving):: halibut (110), whitefish (101), mackerel (101), SALMON (87), catfish (84), mullet (77), rainbow trout (28). If you ever feel like slumming try the high flyers: tuna (622), haddock (619), flounder (542), or pike (467).Shrimp's so-So (126) Ah! But fake crab meat tops them at 715mg. And lobster? Oy!! 826!!

Which diet is best for wieght loss low carb diet vs balanced diet vs low fat diet plz tell thanx?

Two answers... Low carb intially has best effects, but long term, any diet that reduces calorie intake will work.
Low fat is. Not a good diet. You will always be hungry. Eat good fats such as olive oil and coconut oil--good for brain, joints, etc. Lower carb works well for lots of folks but see doc to be sure it's ok for you. Remember to eat protein or you will get tired. Peace and good health.