How to relieve hip pain?

Exercise. Most of hip pains are due to osteoarthritis. Over-weightiness and inactivity make hip-pain worse. Back-strengthening exercises and losing weight are helpful. Taking pain-killer should be the last resort. However, when the pain is severe and/or interferes with the lifestyle, it is wise to consider hip replacement surgery. If pain persists please consult a physician.
Depends on the case. Pain in the hip are related to many causes like osteoarthritis, fracture and other causes. For simple strain it can be relieved by rest, over the counter oral pain medications. If the pain does not respond to mediations and x-rays showed evidence of severe osteoarthritis, total hip replacement will most probably solved the constant pain in your hip.

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How can one relieve back and hip pain?

Healthy lifestyle. Usually, a low-impact cardiovascular regimen with some core-strengthening exercise will help. Weight loss will help as well. Read more...