Is sulfasalizine helpful for colitis?

Yes. Sulfasalizine is one of the mainstays of drug therapy for various forms of colitis. Your doctor should be able to tell you which drug or combination is the best for your particular situation.

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Getting nausea with sulfasalizine drug for left-sided colitis. Any advice?

Take after meal. This med should be taken after your meal..Don't take it before as it can cause nausea and stomach upset etc...Also, you may need to take a smaller dose for a few days until your body gets adjusted to it. You may also ask your doc for an extended-release formulation which may reduce the incidence and severity of side effects. If these fail, you may need other meds/options. Good luck. Read more...

I have rosacea and on sulfasalazine for colitis. Thinking of applying aloe vera on my face is that okay?

Yes. Only small amounts of topical agents are absorbed into your system. In addition, even large amounts of aloe vera do not have an impact directly on colitis or indirectly by interacting with sulfasalazine. Read more...