Related Questions

Is soreness and small blood clots to be expected after passing a kidney stone? How long? Regular activity okay after 3 days?

Yes. I am glad it is over and hope it does not happen again. Stay well hydrated all the time. Do whatever gels okay. If a specific cause for your passing a stone can be found (parathyroid disease, infection, cystnuri tai), follow the specific Rx for it.

I passed a kidney stone 4 days ago. Now the pain is much less but I still feel it in my back how long before the soreness subsides?

Kidney stones. It may subside in a couple of days but it may come back. Depending on its size your kidney specialist would advice you the definite treatment such as lithotrypsy.

After passing a kidney stone can your testicals still be sore?

Stousuane. Usually one or the other on the side of the stone when its low in the ureter.

Kidney stones passing a few weeks ago. Today, bladder hurting a little bit and sore during sex. Whats happening?

Hard to say. Your new symptoms may not be related to your recent bout of kidney stones. See your doc today to see what's up. It would be unfair indeed to get a bladder infection a few weeks after a kidney stone, but fairness isn't a requirement for disease! You also might have a gynecologic problem. Persistent stones are also possible. See your doc and get the true answer and the treatment you need.

Presented as kidney stone last Mon at hopital, pain/throwup, passed fragments Wed-still nauseous, peeing a lot, sore throat. Normal?

Probably small stone. You did not tell us treatment. Most likely you are still passing a stone piece. Call your Urologist for instructions. F C Derrick MD.